Meet the Team

Sandy Rutherford

Success and Mindset Coach, Founder of RF Success Academy and The Unstoppable Success System

Sandy is the master of reinvention as she has had many exciting and successful career chapters and helps all of her clients create the same.

As an Elite Level Success Coach working with legendary Bob Proctor, Sandy and her team roll up their sleeves to work with you creating new paths to success. After experiencing high level success and leadership both as a highly sought after Physiotherapist and in Corporate Canada, Sandy struggled as an entrepreneur and couldn’t figure out why. After being immersed in Bob’s success system, and guided through it, her life changed dramatically such that she is now one of Bob’s top coaches showing people how to achieve the same transformation. She guides people from all walks of like through her life-changing and ground breaking Unstoppable Success System and other profoundly impactful programs.

Sandy is an inspirational mentor, motivator, international keynote speaker and is passionate about helping people and businesses harness the tremendous talent and power within in order to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Sandy has 2 fur babies, a wonderful family, loves wine, the lake and the mountains, and Harry Potter!

Her Sweet Spots include Corporate, Health Care, Strategy & Re-engineering, Banking, Recruiting & HR, Coaching, Systems Creation, Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups, Team Building, Mindset Specialization, and Self-Image Development. 

Kathryn Kavanagh

Admin Director & The Boss

Kathryn, aka “The Boss”, is the ROCK of RF Success Academy – grounded in a positive ‘no-problem’ attitude, providing our clients with the process and means to enjoy the most extraordinary service possible.

With a Commerce degree from Concordia University, Kathryn comes from a background in Technology, High Tech Acquisitions, Operations, Logistics, and Training. So WOW she brings SO MUCH to RF Success Academy! She is also an entrepreneur having owned and operated her own successful Skateboarding company for 15 years that her daughter is now carrying on with. All in the family!

Kathryn is a wonderfully warm and compassionate person, an incredibly resourceful problem solver, and the consummate professional.

Always up for a challenge, she backpacked in Southeast Asia for several months and trekked in the Himalayas.

Her Sweet Spots include Young Entrepreneurs, Neurodiverse Thinkers, Action Sport Coaching, Software Development, Process Redesign, Logistics, Administration and Editing.

Sharon Mefford

Success Advisor & Chief High Vibe Officer

A “retired” educator, lost at the crossroads of how to build a successful business, Sharon met Sandy at a conference after listening to her speak to a group of entrepreneurs and signed up for her coaching program. As a student, Sharon discovered her sweet spot… assisting others with their health (mind, body, spirit). Her overall goal is to be as disciplined as Bob Proctor.

With a teaching degree and Masters in Exercise and Sport Studies, Sharon has taught and coached from elementary to post-high school. She thrives on assisting others in becoming their best, based on their dreams and desires, thus her passion as a Success Advisor for The FASTPATH to Success. “this gets me out of bed at o-dark-thirty to continue my study with Sandy through the Unstoppable Success System”.

In between FASTPATH sessions, she continues to pursue educating and assisting people with vertical gardening indoors (to avoid bugs, slugs, and squirrels).

Finally, always up for a challenge, Sharon is a Licensee with Selling on the Spot Marketplace Online. The idea of helping others connect, sell and buy goods and services in a safe environment makes filling the room worth the end results.

Her main hobby is traveling to visit people, places and sight-see.

Her Sweet Spots include Network Marketing, Networking Mastery, Teaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Aeroponics Gardening, and Self-Image Development.

Pascal Tremblay

Success Advisor & New Chapter Guru

Pascal, aka “the French guy”, is the New Chapter Guru of RF Success Academy – easygoing with a steady, caring presence, he helps clients pursue successful new chapters with his intuitive and reflective support.

Pascal comes from an Air Force background and trained as an Avionics Technician. He brings 15 years of military experience, including basic survival and mindset training, to our team with his impactful presence.

Pascal is a compassionate, detailed oriented professional, with an advanced ability to problem-solve. He is also fully bilingual (French/English).

Always up for a challenge, he has run 2 spartan races and is starting his own coaching business.

As he likes to say: Made of AWESOMENESS!

His Sweet Spots include the Military, Policing & Security, Engineering, Aviation, Realtors, and Self-Image Development.

Sonya van Stee

Success Advisor & Chief Attitude Officer

Sonya, aka our "Cheery Person", is a product of RF Success Academy and brings her positive 'we'll figure something out' attitude with her everywhere she goes. And it works! She figures it out every time!

With a degree in Education and background in Music and Linguistics, along with her current life as a dairy farmer, Sonya brings her well-rounded experience to our table. She has also been in and out of network marketing for the past 24 years and has been hugely successfully building a team in her current company.

Sonya, always a good listener and eager to encourage, is also proficient at inspiring others to be and to do better. She brings out the best in everyone!

She is married to a tall Dutch farmer, they have 2 cats inside and an undetermined number of barn cats. She enjoys reading, singing, cruising, and spending time outdoors.

Her Sweet Spots include Network Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Music & Arts, Agriculture/Farming, Teaching and Entrepreneurs.